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Crime and Punishment, the idea of suffering

Suffering in "Crime and Punishment"
The idea of suffering plays a major role and guides the reader attracting his attention throughout the entire novel "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.Suffering is the dominant theme of this work. It twists and contorts itself into so many aspects of the story, that any other classification of it would simply not do it justice. The main character Rodion Raskolnikov is the one who suffers form the very beginning of the novel until the end as psychological forces eat away at the thoughts and actions of their victim. He feels very pessimistic about his own life the things and people that surround him. Rodion doesn't really appreciate the way he lives and what does he come to.He suffers a big deal because of the poverty and his helpless.Raskolnikov hates that his mother and his beloved sister Dunya have to save money so that they could help him, and he suffers because he could not help them instead.The letter that he receives from his mother makes his suffering even worse.Raskolnikov understood clearly that his sister who is a proud, virtuous girl would've never sold herself (marrying without love) for her own gain, she would better starve from hunger than do such a thing.But she could easily sacrifice herself for somebody else whom she loves a lot and in this case her dear brother.And his mother is willing to sacrifice her own daughter just for his sake.Rodion suffers a lot because he couldn't take this immolation.It made him feeling angry he was the man in their family, he was the one who was supposed to support them and it happens the other way around which humiliates him making his self esteem go down. That's when Raskolnikov's idea to kill the pawnbroker torments him most of all.To prove his own theory which is that there are two types of people those who are good to reproduce only and the extraordinary ones, who have to …


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