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Defining Crime
Relativeness-there is racial discrimination
Components of Legal Definition-rights generated by a social contract are the law and those who break it will loose their rights.

Counting Crime
Types of Realities-
Systematic vs. Anecdotal- making use of, or carried out according to, a clearly worked-out plan or method compared to
Correlation vs. Causality-mutual relationship between two things comparedto the principle of or relationship between cause and effect.

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Fear of Crime-women and the elderly are most likely to be afraid of crime but the worst odds are for black males.
Part one Index Crimes- Part One Crimes are made up of seven offenses – homicide, burglary, robbery, rape, vehicle theft, aggravated assault, and larceny.

Data Sources
UCR-FBI collection of crimes know to police throughout the nation. Initiated in the 1930’s, participation is voluntary although many states mandate that police departments submit their statistics to the FBI.They generate great trend analyses for national, regional, and local comparisons throughout time.The bad side is it creates a dark figure of crime
NCVS-National Crime Victimization Surveys-a survey to a national sample of households requesting information about personal and household victimization.Data comes directly from the victims but create class bias.
SRS-Anonymous surveys to various populations (from prisoners to high school students) that ask the subjects to report their criminal involvement.Great for theory testing but data can be exaggerated.

Post War Crime Trends-

Homicide Trends-involves people who know each other, and the media hype them up.Over one half of homicides alcohol is involved, 1/4 of them were victim precipitated.

Offender Characteristics
Gender-women are more likely to be afraid of crime; men are more likely to be killed on the streets.
Race-75% black
Class-lower income
Chronic offenders-commit multiple cr…


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