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Critique of law and order

“Law and Order” was a very well-done show about the process of hunting down and apprehending a criminal that commits the specific crime showcased at the beginning of the program.The crimes usually seem to be unusual or complicated.The plot tends to focus not only on the work of the police officers and detectives but the mental state and motives of the criminal.The show has an interesting practice of juxtaposing an emotional aspect of the situation with the bureaucratic and professional (usually conservative) viewpoint and ultimate goal.
In the episode that I viewed on Sunday at nine o’clock the main characters found themselves in pursuit of a criminal who was abducting women to keep as some sort of brainwashed companion.He would sit in a park and watch people passing by .And if he happened to observe somebody that he felt would be a good candidate he would slip them a drug in their drink and take them home. After he gets them into his home he drills a hole in their skull and pours hot water onto their brain.This leaves the victim in a constant state of vulnerability(he turns them into vegetables).He would then proceed to cuddle with them.Thefirst victim died which was not his intent, and was found in a park with her calf muscle missing.The second victim escaped and was found wandering down the same street he lived on. Shortly after the second attack he was apprehended by the main characters which, by the way, did not seem to have much of a problem catching him.
This program distinguishes itself among others of the same genre by offering a much more compassionate analyzation of the crime and perpetrator than others, along with a compelling and fascinating portrayal of the process the detectives go through to get the job done.The show also takes on a much more methodical pace than others of the same elk.
On the other hand, the ultimate crimes and endings are very much similar to other shows.They all se