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Critique of Les Miserables

The story begins with a convict named Jean Valjean searching for food and shelter after working in a prison camp. No one would let them into their house because he was a convict.I felt bad for him through this because people judged him right away and he didn't seem like such a bad person.He finally found shelter in Bishop's house, but through the night he left and stole all of their silverware.He escapes, but is caught by some police.He explained to them that he was given all of this by the Bishop.Naturally they didn't believe him, so they brought him back to the Bishop's house.Once they got there the Bishop backed up what he said and told the police to let him go.So Valjean is free to go.You get the feeling from this that he is going to be a totally different person.To hide away from his past convict life, he created a new identity and was a wealthy mayor in a small town.He hid out there for a longtime.Then he met a prostitute named Fantine who he started to fall in love with.She got very sick and was trying to support her young daughter so he helped her out.During this time an officer, named Javert, who knew Valjean when he was in the camp recognized him.Then he was brought in the clear when another man was brought in.Everyone thought that was Valjean.Around this time Fantine dies and Valjean promises to go get her daughter and take care of her.This part was really sad knowing how hard she worked to support her daughter.Valjean heard about this innocent guy being put into jail and decided to go tell the court the truth.He went and told everyone that he was in fact Valjean.I found this part to be very noble, but somewhat unbelievable.He threw his whole new life away after working so hard to bury his past.After he told the court he ran for his life and while fleeing he picked up Fantine's daughter, Cosette.In the musical version of this movie Coset