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Critique of the Souls of Black Folk

“Critique of The Souls of Black Folk”
The Souls of Black Folk is an early 20th century novel written by W. E. B. DuBois in response to the Emancipation Proclamation set by Abraham Lincoln to declare African- Americans as free people. The novel is extremely thick and is difficult reading however; it is also extremely insightful and provides the reader with much knowledge as to what the African Americans were feeling at the close of the 1800’s.
DuBois makes it extremely clear that there was not racial justice at the close of the Civil War and that the black people were still being unjustly persecuted, just as they were during slavery. Although it is not legal, there was still much segregation between the black people and the white people of America. At the beginning of each chapter, DuBois quotes “Sorrow Songs” These songs provide the reader with a soul song that African- Americans used to sing on the plantation to make the day go by faster. These are songs that only the African- Americans knew, as they were the only ones to sing them since they were not allowed to sing or involve themselves in any sort of recreational activity whatsoever.
The slave’s chains and the master’s
This song is one of the ones that the slaves would sing on the plantation in Atlanta. This song is extremely depictive of the slaves in Atlanta. DuBois explains Atlanta to be a place where much of slavery occurred. DuBois noted that Atlanta, as a whole was extremely concerned with material things, largely money and wealth. Isn’t it ironic that a city that was so concerned with money and wealth during the period of slavery is so ridden with poverty at the present time?


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