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Critique on Mr. Hollands Opus

In the late 1980s and early 1990s shortages of funds caused public school districts to drastically reduce spending on arts and music education. Many parents, students and educators felt that this was shortsighted. Arts education has many positive effects, teaching children discipline and teamwork, giving them an opportunity to excel, etc. The arts are fundamental to children’s’ education and they are fundamental because the art is fundamental to human nature, to human beings. So I don’t see the arts as an instrument primarily to teach something else. The primary reason why we need strong arts programs in the schools is because human beings are artists in many ways. One way we grapple with ideas is through the arts. It says a lot about our priorities when one of the richest nations in the world cannot afford arts and music education in the schools.
Many educators and parents believe that music should be part of the regular curriculum for all students in public schools and that individual music lessons should also be available from elementary school through high school to those students who want them. There are more and more limitations to what a teacher can and cannot spend too much emphasis on in the classroom. When limitations are put, you have to work around them and somehow include what you believe to be a well-rounded way of getting what needs to be thought across. I for instance, I would somehow incorporate a themed aspect of music and movement to spark up prior knowledge or interest on a new, difficult or abstract subject to be thought. I’m not exactly a music/art teacher, but I would use those needed locomotor and non-locomotorexercises to help the children grasp their thought on the subject being thought and at the same time giving them time to express themselves through the art.


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