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Critque of Horror Websites

In today's modern world film studios are using many different methods of promoting there up coming movies, theses Medias include: television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet. All theses media's allow the viewer to see an image and read or hear about the film. The film studios have gone one step further and made websites that allow the audience to interact with the characters of the film and know what the film is about by visual and audible representations.
Websites are all about visual appeal, layout and content. By using these features we can design criteria to critically analyze the website. The criteria that was designed has three sections:
Using these criteria we were able to critically analyze websites. Two were chosen to be analyzed Finding Nemo and Van Helsing were chosen to be analyzed.
Filmic Qualities (Symbolism, Motifs, Specific Selection of Images Sounds)
There is a little symbolism displayed on thefirst page of thefinding nemo website but in terms of this film as it is a fun loving film no symbolism is really necessary. Apart form the blues that represent tranquility of the water, this convays the felling of happiness and fun and the shadows in the water (still animation), and the same dialogue that isrepeated. (Just a few lines from the movie) There are also various animated images of the characters from finding swinning acreoo the screen at various times.There is also sounds of water and some dialogue form the main characters in the film.
In Van Helsing there is a lot of symboilism displayed, most of this symboilsm is more indepth than the symbolism displayed on the finding nemo website, as Van helsing is a vampire movie there is a lot of symbolism in the coloures displayed, a lot of blacks,and dark greys are uesd this symbolises that evil and that disarster lerks nearby, the ues of the pictures of the human bats in the background of the picture subconciously tell us tht the mo…