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Crossing Over With John Edward

?°Crossing Over With John Edwards?± was something new to me, so I was not expecting anything in particular when we watched it in class.I decided to keep an open mind, in spite of the prevailing opinions from my classmates.While I was watching the video clips, a lot of thoughts ran through my mind, and the validity of the show was one of them…or lack thereof.
As a Christian and a person who has had someone close to me pass away, I feel like John Edwards is manipulating these vulnerable people to make an interesting television show.
When my grandfather passed away, I was stricken with grief because I was very attached to him.However, because of my strong religious convictions, I was convinced that he died and went to heaven.He was not crossing over or talking to people on earth because that is simply not what you do in heaven, in my opinion.Of course, what John Edwards is doing may be believable to some, but for those who stand by their principles, his ?°gift?± seems to act as a barrier for people getting over a loss.I think it is unhealthy for people to dwell on a loss, much less gain false hope from someone who believes he can talk and communicate with the dead that have ?°crossed over.?±When people think they are talking to someone close who has passed away, it gets in the way of their grieving and prolongs the suffering that will ensue.
My grandfather has been dead for two years now, and this show, as believable as it may seem, feels like it is diminishing the memory of people who have passed away.It is a little insulting that death can be taken so frivolously. That may not be the intention of the show, but that is the impression I got from watching it.John Edwards matches a few general details and suddenly he is talking to dead people who are trying to communicate with him.
John Edwards is no doubt a talented man.However, I do not believe he has the talent of com…