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Crouching Tiger

Winner of four Academy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards, “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” paved a new path for foreign language films in America. It was the dream of the director, Ang Lee, to one day produce a Chinese tradition film that depicted the fantasy world of martial arts with its own specific laws; where people can fly and almost anything can happen. Unlike most martial arts film in the industry base solely on fight scenes, Lee was able to have “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” a film that included the sense of fantasy, action, power, and romance. Yet, without the help of the whole cast, Lee’s incredible dream would probably remain a fantasy only in his own mind.
The setting of the film took place during the 19th century where China was left untouched by the western civilization while the Chinese tradition and its breathtaking landscape sworn the entire plains of main lands. Two excellent swordsman masters (Chow Yun fat and Michelle Yeoh) are challenged with the disappearance of the most treasured Green Destiny sword.The sword was stolen by a young aristocrat (Zhang Ziyi) who reveled her hidden talent of superb fighting skills by demonstrating it upon anyone who stepped in her way. Each warrior and fighter though tough and fierce in their appearance, at the end all have to face their weakness: the inescapable, enduring love.
The most intriguing part of the film was the excellent choreographed fight scene.Both Lee and his fight choreographer Yuen Wo-Ping worked carefully together to bring out the best in Wusho martial arts. By simply adding traditional Chinese music into the fighting scenes such as the perpetual pounding of the drums, Lee was able to transform a simple scene into a beautiful artistic dance. Every move corresponded with each beat making it seems as the fighters were dancing to an musical score. The power and aggressiveness were still present in the scene, yet instead of harsh violent blow, each punches …