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In literature as in life people often suffer severe tests of character.Sometimes they must defend their beliefs in the face of great opposition.In the drama The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, two characters showed this quality. John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse both suffered severe tests of character.In my opinion these characters are perfect examples of these type of people.
Rebecca Nurse is a good example of a character that got tested.She sacrificed her life for her morals.When asked by Reverend Hale to she said wouldn't confess to witchcraft even to pardon her own life.Rebecca knew she would live if she confessed, but she wouldn't confess because she wouldn't tell a lie.She was a model person in this drama.Rebecca did such good deeds that people in other town had even heard of her.That's why most people were shocked when they heard that she was put on trial for witchcraft.Rebecca was hung at the end of the drama for not confessing to witchcraft even though she was innocent.
John Proctor is another good example of a character that got tested.He was not as that good of a person ,but he made up for it at the end of the drama.John had committed the crime of adultry during the play.He had cheated on his wife with Abby.He also did not go to church every Sunday.He was also accused of practicing witchcraft.Towards the end of the drama he was going to confess to say his life, but instead he chose the honorable thing to do and let them hang him.John Proctor did not want them to ruin his name. In my opintion he made many mistakes in his life, but he made up for all of them by dying life a hero.
I think the Crucible showed how heroic some people can be even when faced with death and they defended there beliefs no matter what was going to happen to them.John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse were two great examples of these type of people. Both their characters were severely tested, and they…


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