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Crucible Act 2

In The Crucible certain characters are either accepted or condemned because of their actions pertaining to the hysteria of witchcraft during the turbulent times of Salem. When the trialsfirst started, hysteria began growing into serious crimes that would have the person accused both losing all of their belongings and confessing to a crime that they had not committed or to be hanged and to keep their pride. The trials make the hysteria worse in the town and give way to the accusations of even more and more people for even less probable reasons. People in Salem were affected differently from these trials and were given different responsibilities that they must handle to keep the town safe, such characters are Abigail and John Proctor.
During the second act of The Crucible, Abigail began to blow many things out of proportion. As seen in thefirst act she blamed Tituba in hopes of getting away with her crime unscathed, but things soon grew out of proportion and she was given the chance to accuse more and more people for her own benefit. Abigail then started to attack people's reputation and because of her accusations, she was made stronger, she especially wanted to be a better person in the eyes of Salem than Goody Proctor and so she staged a deceiving act that made it seem that she was attacked by the witch-loving Goody Anne Proctor and her spirit conjuring powers. Abigail was conniving against the entire town to make them believe that she was a saint or in her own words, "God's finger" (Miller Pg. 62) Because of her responsibility to the town to be able to see who was working with the devil, she gained respect and a huge amount of power in Salem and was therefore considered important because of her ability to assure everyone of the presence of witchcraft in Salem.
Proctor though, was the exact opposite of Abigail and her response to witchcraft. Proctor saw that the entire idea of


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