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cuckoo’s nest


Should Hamlet kill himself, kill his uncle or live the rest of his life suffering through

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massive pain and fear. The quote ;to be or not to be; is Hamlet saying that he;s felling pain from

his father;s death and his mother;s superficial marriage with her husband;s brother. When reading

this act it fells like Hamlet wants to kill himself because it would be the best way to relieve all the

pain inside of him.

I disagree with Hamlet because I think killing yourself doesn;t solve anything. I think

Hamlet should go with hisfirst plan and kill his uncle. Maybe get payback at his uncle by killing

his father by putting poison in his ear but Hamlet doesn;t know that for sure because that ghost

could have been the devil and told Hamlet wrong. So maybe he shouldn;t go with that plan, well I

really don;t know what he must do. I really think Hamlet ought to stick it out and get over his

father;s death and live his life happy, not wearying too much.

I think that his father;s death misleads his philosophy on life more than his mother;s

unstudied marriage. When that ghost of Hamlets Father came out and talk to him, Hamlet was

scared and didn;t know what to do. As the ghost spoke to him, he told Hamlet how his father was

killed and who killed him, Hamlet right away wanted to kill his uncle. As the day went on Hamlet

was scared to kill his uncle cause maybe that ghost was the devil and not the ghost of his father.

A person can do whatever they want to do to work at being happy. People do fun things

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