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Cuckoos Nest Analyst

Thesis:R.P. McMurphy falsifying himself to become classified insane.

Transferred from a correctional facility to a psychiatric ward,McMurphy is a sane as you can be.However, he is rather lazy and content with himself being in an asylum to escape physical labor.
Not only is he an unmotivated worker, he also has a small gambling problem, which is very much identified in the book, "and I'm a gambling fool," (Kesey, 11) says McMurphy as he introduces himself to the patients, staff and whomever.
If it was a matter of pride, McMurphy has none.Unless his life was taken away for some injustice he did and he knows that he will either spend the rest of his life working in fields all day, or sit around in little groups taking about everybody's mental dysfunctions.That's one of the only reasons I can assume.
There is a small issue dealing with control in the beginning of the book.McMurphy insinuates that he will be in control of this ward.I never thought it was a big deal until I realized that a control freak is a social dysfunction, not necessarily "insane" though."I figure, you see, buddy, to be sort of a gambling baron on this ward, deal a wicked game of blackjack.So you better take me to your leader and we'll get it straightened out who's gonna be boss around here." (Kesey, 18)
This brings up another point.The gambling problem McMurphy brings to the ward.He wins other patients smokes, money and maybe even personal items.Although gambling is an addiction, a problem and there are groups for that, McMurphy is actually proving how swift and cunning he is.
McMurphy even proves himself to be an entertainer, far from being shy like the other patients on the ward.His antics bring patients into laughter and fun like teaching the Chief how to block and score in basketball, getting some members liquored up, and just amusing the members of the asylum.

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