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Cuckoo’s Nest Paper

In the novel, it is apparent that the ward is filled with individuals that do not meet society;s expectations. It is through McMurphy;s existence on the ward that the patients finally feel human and learn what it feels like to be accepted.
Society has certain expectations from people, and those people that do not meet certain expectations are treated differently and/or are looked down upon by society. Those who do not meet society;s expectations feel neglected and due to society;s social pressure are not able to be themselves and feel equal. The ward in the novel represents a group of such ;neglected men; that have certain disabilities which disqualifies them as the norm.
Readers are encouraged to disregard the ;mentally ill; aspect of each of the patients and focus on why they do not meet society;s expectations. After analyzing why they are in the mental ward and what it signifies in respect to society;s expectations, the overall message will become clear. Kesey;s message is that if people are not given a chance in society they will not be able to function to their potential, which can mean total destruction as seen at certain points in the novel. Ultimately, McMurphy is the ;chance; that the patients get to behave/function to their full potential.
To begin with, readers need to see that the treatment of the patients on the ward signifies the way that many people who are less fortunate are treated in society. The patients in the ward all lack something that makes them ;less fortunate;. For example, Bromden lacks the will power to speak. Billy Bibbit is too shy and can not stand up to his mom. Harding can not fulfill his wife;s needs and he does not act ;manly; enough.Furthermore, the patients will only be released from the ward when they are ;fit enough; to fit into society and meet society;s expectations. Even McMurp…


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