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The novel DANCE ME OUTSIDE is written by W.P. Kinsella and is inspired by Native life in Canada. The story creatively explores the ways of Natives adjusting to a new life in a new land. The location is in Sucker Lake, Ontario on a reserve named Kidiabinessee. The main character is an eighteen-year-old boy who has to deal with issues that mainly involve the relationship between Natives and the'Whites'. Silas Crow is the narrator of the novel and introduces Native life to the reader with great emphasis on the personal concerns that he has with his lifestyle. Silas and his best friend, Frank Fencepost, live in a Native Community where it is hard to get along with the white folks that live nearby. The plot contains strong problems that involve drug abuse, racism, violence, and murder. The story starts off with Silas and Frank planning to get somewhere in life and attend mechanic school in British Columbia. Silas' older sister, Illiana, is coming back to town from Toronto, Ontario to visit the family with her'white' husband, Robert McVee. Robert is a top-notch lawyer who really wants Illiana's family to accept him. Illiana comes back to find her ex-boyfriend, Gooch, out of jail. Illiana's feelings return for him, but she decides to stick with her true love, McVee. Illiana's mother, who is very traditional, is worried about her daughter having a family with a'white' man. She urges Illiana to begin starting a family as soon as possible and to maintain the Native values within her children. The problem calms down once Illiana is showing interest in Native life again and McVee is taking notice to preserving the Native ways as well.Silas meanwhile seems to be experiencing problems with his girlfriend, Sadie, who is having a hard time dealing with the fact that Silas will be going away to mechanic school. Problems keep arising, but solutions do not appear. Sadie and Silas decide to break u…


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