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Dances with Wolves

In reality, Native American Life doesn't differ from our life as much as people believe. When compared the beliefs and customs are somewhat similar. Native Americans have tribes in which determine their place in life, we have social classes which determine the people whom we interact. Many thought the Native Americans were different because they had different customs or rituals, but we actually take after the Native Americans in our own different freedoms of religion and beliefs. When the two different groups are actually compared in detail the results are fascinatingly similar.
In the Native American ruling system there is a leader which everyone acknowledges as the chief and commander in charge. The people of the tribe confer with him on important decisions, which involve the tribes well being, and they propose ideas to him, which he in turn grants. The tribe refers to him as the wise man and put their lives in his hands. Ten-bear in Dances With Wolves was the governing body of the Sioux. The people of the tribe put all of their faith in him and always looked to him for the answers. This idea is similar to that of a president in our society. The people of the United States look to the president for the permission to pass new ideas and laws for the people. They also trust him to protect them from other groups or "tribes." In many ways the two systems of government were improved with the knowledge from each other.
Native Americans believe in many different spirits. The people of the Sioux participated in special ceremonies, which included dances in request for rain, food, and wisdom. The people believed if they participated in this the spirits would hear their cry and praise them with the object requested. Many different tribes danced for many different reasons. This resembles a normal church service, in which we go and pray for wisdom and strength or even m


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