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Dances with Wolves

The movie, Dances With Wolves starts off about a soldier in the U.S. Union who runs away from a military hospital because his foot was about to be amputated.This story takes place around the time of the Oregon Trail.I'm not actually sure but I believe that at one point he tried to kill himself by riding his horse through a battlefield.Because he survived, he was granted the choice of picking his own post.He stated that he wanted to have a post in the frontier because he wanted to see it before it was gone.In other words, he wanted to see it before the other white men turned it into houses and markets etc.In order to get to his post, he had to travel with a peasant that was going that way.On the way, Lt. Jon Jay Dunbar saw an abandoned post and decided to stay there.In later days, Indians eventually killed the peasant.The Lt. was the only white person there at the time.He entertained himself by writing in his journal daily and talking to his horse.He also had a wolf friend who kept coming around every once and a while who he named two socks.He named it that because it had two white patches that covered its two front feet.The land looked plain and was only filled with acre upon acre of grass fields.There were no buffalo any where in sight.As the days went by, he was encountered by about four Indians who lived in a village not to far from his post. One of them started to charge at the Lt., but stopped when he pulled out a gun.The Indian seemed as if he was not scared of him at all.
Lt. Dunbar became curious to know more about the tribe (which was later found out as the Sioux tribe) and its customs.On his way, he found a woman who appeared to be white.She was dressed in Sioux clothing and appeared to have stabbed herself with a knife.When she saw him, she was frightened and tried to run away but fell unconscientiously.He brought her back to her village but the Indians did not welcome him …


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