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Danger Zone

Setting:Granham High School, Minnesota, L.A., California, and Rome, Italy.The time is in the summer, in the present.
Characters:Jimmy Doyle (Snowman), the main character, Coach Griffen, and Coach McNeil, the coaches of the team, Augustus, Shawn, Ray, and Stinger, all members of the team.
Point of View:This story is told from the eyes of Jimmy Doyle, so this story is told from afirst person point of view.
Theme:I think that the theme of this story was that there are many disgusting problems out there in the wold (racism, death threats etc.), and the book was just telling us a little of what was out there with this story.The Main character was perfect for this role because he was from a rural town in Minnesota, and hadn't much knowledge about this sort of thing.
Plot:This story was about a teenage high school student from rural Minnesota, who had a talent in playing basketball.One day after one of his games, two men approached him with an invitation to represent America in a wold wide high school basketball tournament in Rome Italy.They asked him to come meet them in L.A., Cal. and then fly to Rome.He replied without even thinking about it, and his answer was "no."He had said no because of his poor family.He had helped his mom out in their small hardware store since his father died when he was a little boy.He could not just pick up and leave her and his two little sisters by themselves.One of the two men who had proposed this invitation to him went to his mother, and talked to her about it.His mother, being very unselfish thought that he should go, and convinced him to.When he had gotten to L.A. one of the coaches was waiting there to pick him up, and they went to the dorms that they were staying in until their dep!
arture for Rome.He met a lot of his teammates, but didn't get along with one, Augustus.Augustus was a big tall black kid, who wa


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