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dante’s Peak

1.) Dante;s Peak is apart of the Northern Cascade Mountain range.
2.) Four other volcanoes in the Northern Cascades are; Mt. San Helens, Mt. Rainer, Mt. Shasta, Sunset Crater, and Lassen Peak.
3.) Dante;s Peak is a Stratovolcano.
4.) Dante;s Peak last eruption was about 7,000 years ago.
5.) Prior to Dante;s Peak awakening I would rate the activity level of the volcano dormant. Dormant means that it has not erupted in recent history but evidence suggests it might. Like I said Dante;s Peak last eruption was 7,000 years ago. To me that;s not recent history. In the movie Harry tells the people that it is dormant, and they thought it was extinct. He said the volcano is starting to wake up. Also it was mentioned that there was 25-75 earthquakes a day, meaning that the volcano is showing activity.
6.) Harry Dolton and his crew used many monitoring devices such as; a seismograph, robot (takes video and gas readings), Tilt meters, gas analysis, ph analysis, and a lot of computer technology. They used these devices to measure the activity of the volcano.
7.) The movie covers every volcano device I took down in my notes, except for the whole robot thing!
8.) The seismograph alerted the geologists to the volcano when Harry and one of his crew members were on the mountain, with the robot. There was activity that caused one of the members to break his leg.
9.) Magmatic earthquakes have a very close but almost unknown relative. Tectonic earthquakes are caused by rocks breaking along faults or fractures. The Boss said they were at 2.9 and not heavy. Harry argues that they were shallow and magmatic. Harry was right.
10.) Dante;s Peak produced ash which is the smallest type of tephra; it has a size of 1/8.; Its threat to life is moderate to high because it causes people to suffocate. Lava was produced also. Lava has an average temperature of 2,000-


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