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Darkness be my friend

Setting: This book is set in fairly modern times about 1990. I know this because the teenagers speak the same way my friends and I do and dress just like people do now. I also know this because of the way they describe the country town they live in. It sounds just like the average country town in our time.
I think it is set is in a country town in Australia away from the cities. I think this because of the way the place “Hell” is described and the way the teenagers talk like Aussies. It also says that it is Australia. When they are in New Zealand Iain asks if they will go back to Australia to help them.
I think it is very important where it is set because if it were set in America or another place it would be a lot harder to be invaded. For one reason America and other places have massive armies compared to Australia and could defend their country. Another reason is that there is a much bigger population in America and other places and they would need hundreds more soldiers to patrol areas. Another reason I think it is very important where it is set is that if it was set in another country the place “Hell” would be described differently because Australia is the only place I know that has such amazing land features and such amazing landscapes. If it was described differently the whole book wouldn’t make you feel the way you do when you read it and you wouldn’t get the eerie feeling you get when they are in “Hell”.
Plot: Darkness, Be My Friend is the fourth book in John Marsden’s series consisting of Tomorrow, When the War Began, The Dead of the Night and The Third Day, The Frost, in which seven teenagers are in the middle of a violent war. Ellie, Fi, Kevin, Lee, Homer, Robyn and Corrie go camping to a remote part of their district. They find their way into a remote valley surrounded by dangerous cliffs and difficult terrain, where they are completely safe and cut off from the…


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