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Dawn of the Dead

Survival instinct is something every human being should have some sort of grasp on.Without this certain instinct, it would be very hard to survive any type of dilemma, especially one such as zombies coming from every place you look trying to get a taste of human blood.If the dilemma does not involve zombies, I do not think you have to worry about having survival instincts.As this film develops, only the elite humans with the skills to survive actually survive, but barely.Even though many people may know what to do at certain times, especially when chaos breaks out in the world, some of the elite class even get taken down by the flesh eating zombies.Some humans are natural born leaders while others rather follow in someone else's footsteps.Although this may be true, when all is said and done, every single person on the face of the earth has a natural state of mind that would want to do everything their own way.They want to do it their way because they have the best plan to survive and nobody else plan is even near as good.The only way to overcome the odds of dying is to work together using teamwork, cooperation, and precise planning.
In the beginning of the movie, Ana (Sarah Polley) plays a nurse who is in panic mode after her husband has died and come back to life as a flesh eating zombie.All she can do is think about getting out of the house and getting to safe mode.As shown by Ana, when panicked, you do not have anything on your mind other then what you think is the best way to escape the situation and survive.For her, she took her instincts and got into the car and would not stop for anything or anyone.On the other hand, Kenneth (Ving Rhames) plays a police officer who is trying to survive from the zombies as well.Instead of using the same tactics as Ana, he chooses the more violent way and thinks the best way to survive is to have a gun at all times blowing the heads off of every zombie that walks…


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