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Dazed And Confused Movie Review

What would come to mind when thinking about the late seventies.Most people would say drugs, sex, and music.That is the exact plot of Dazed and Confused.It actually describes the whole movie in the two-word title.Dazed and Confused brings many people back to the most enjoyable years of their life, and many teenagers to only wish to live in that decade.This film was written and directed by Richard Linklater, who was and is still not to well known by the public, although has done many different types roles.Linklater uses his original directing styles in this movie by focusing on one major character and tying his life into the rest of his friends.Trying to give the viewer a look into as many teen perspectives as possible.
In 1988 he wrote, produced, directed, and acted in a movie titled It's Impossible to Learn to Plow by Reading Books, which is quite impressive for his role in a movie ever.He also later assisted in movies such as Spy Kids, Newton Boys, and Good Will Hunting.What made this film an unbelievable knockout was a combination of all the necessities.Linklater blended outstanding, young talent, a magnificent cast, perfect directing, and amazing story line all in a tight little package.
The film starts out with a dramatic camera angle that zooms in and an all time classic Aerosmith song blears.It is the last day of school in 1976, and the main characters are introduced all by either smoking, doing drugs, talking about drugs, or talking about partying.How else would a movie like this be introduced?So good that a poll of 6628 votes taken on the IMDB web site, and it earned a rank of seven and a half stars out of ten and three stars out of five from the famous critic Ebert.The movie goes on to a freshman "hazing" that links the seniors and freshmen together.Since it is the seniors last day of school, what else is there to do except party.The rest of the night are concentrated on…


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