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dazed and confused vs the breakfast club

The carefree years vs. the petty years
At one time or another, a movie is made about every generation.Dazed and Confused is for the 1970's group of Americans (during the coming of age) when bellbottoms and marijuana were the fashion, drinking and driving had yet to become unthinkable, and safe sex was used only to avoid pregnancy.The Breakfast Club is a remembrance of the 1980's era of pegged jeans, glitter and leg warmers, when AIDS started but only through rumors, and drugs were the only escape.Throughout the precedent decades teens in schools across the country experience a society that consists of social groups, also known as cliques.Cliques, which are natural to American society, can take the concentration off of the anxiety and reason each teenager sets foot in a high school.Dazed and Confused and The Breakfast Club are perfect examples of the typical American high school.
Dazed and Confused follows the lives of various groups of teenagers, during the last day of school in 1976, as they stray around their hometown. The movie is all about their philosophies on life, work, love and especially their futures that we never hear about.Among the characters, there is Randall Floyd a young football player, pressured into choosing between being drug-free or authority-free.Then there is Mitch, an upcoming high school freshman trying to fit in, who spends the day running away from the senior hazing team, while attempting to hang out with the older crowd.It's a time when everyone wastes their lives away in the carefree high school years together no matter who you are.
The movie is not only funny and entertaining.It is a historic document of life, and is one of the most honest "teen movies" in the movie archives.The message of the movie is not much but to stand up for what you believe and resist all authority.Dazed and Confused captures the “have fun now before it’s too late” state of mind…


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