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Dead Poet Society

“The Dead Poet's Society” is a movie about a group of kids. The conflict, characters, plot and theme are very interesting. So now I am going to tell you a little about it.
In this movie there were many different points of conflict. One major conflict was with Knox and his father. Knox's father wanted to choose Knox's future for him. He told him everything he should do and shouldn't. He wouldn't let Knox be in a play. Knox participated in it anyway. His father showed up and saw Knox in the play. Knox got in trouble. His father was going to take him put of Welting. Knox got so put out with it that he shot himself. Another point of conflict was with Mr. Keating and the school of welting. The school blamed Mr. Keating for Knox's death. Some of the students were with the school and some of them were against.
The characters in “The Dead Poet's Society” were very unique. Mr Keating was a very round character. He has a very unique way of teaching the class about poetry. Mr. Keating had went to the same school he is teaching in now. Knox was flat. He had problems with his dad. Todd was flat. He was on Mr. Keating's side when the school tried to fire him. Cameron was dynamic. He went with the crowd. If a group of kids did one thing then he would follow right behind.
The plot in the story is rather interesting. The exposition is simple. A group of students have a English teacher who is very creative in the way he teaches. One of the students finds out about a group that Mr. Keating was in when he went to the school. Him and his friends decide that they would start it again. The rising action is when the kids start to have the meetings. The students get a little more crazy than the have been before. The climax is when Knox shots himself. Everything falls apart after that. The kids start to get in arguments, Mr. Keating is blamed for his death, and the school board is very angry. The falling action


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