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Dead Poets Society

The movie Dead Poets Society is about a group of teenage boys who are split between conformity and learning to think for themselves while attending Welington Academy.These boys are all highly intelligent and come from wealthy families; however, throughout the movie you see that despite the boys' similar backgrounds, they are all very different and unique people.There is also a definite clash between traditional teaching and the new style of teaching that Mr. Keating brings with him.
Charlie Dalton and Cameron are two very different characters in the movie.Charlie was the rebel of the bunch, always going against authority every chance he got; in contrast, Cameron was the do-gooder of the bunch, always worrying about doing what was considered to be right.Charlie looked at friendship as a sacred bond that nothing could come between; in contrast, Cameron was the type of person who puts conformity and right and wrong before friendship.Charlie was the type of guy that a person can only hope to have as a friend; while, Cameron is the kind of guy that would turn his back on his friends at any time just to save himself.These differences really show as Mr. Nolan questions the two boys about the Dead Poets Society; Charlie sacrificed himself to save his friends, but Cameron told Mr. Nolan everything about the society so that he would not get disciplined.
In this movie there is also a definite contrast between Todd Anderson and Neal Perry's dads.Mr. Anderson was the type of parent who just lets his son go and do as he pleases; on the other hand, Mr. Perry was a very controlling parent.Mr. Perry planed every step of his son's life and expected him to follow it or else.The fathers were the same however, in that they both loved their sons, but did not know how to show it.
The main theme in Dead Poets Society was a conflict between traditional methods of teaching and Mr. Keating's


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