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Dead poets society

The key to reality lies in the search for spiritual truth. Achieving excellence is strongly embraced in the philosophy of "Carpe Diem" in Dead Poets Society.The boys' perceptions of life are quite restricted at the beginning, maintaining their individual identity and their own sense of values, become an ultimate test of survival. The push for conformity and Mr. Keating's teaching procedures, was not only encouraging for the boys to form the concept of "Carpe Diem", but brought on them a whole new contemplation of self-reliance and allowing their "true" feelings to prevail. To think about whether the text truly embraces the philosophy of freedom creates different points of view. The powerful conformity stipulations of accepting of the traditional "modus operandi" conflicts with the intellectual freedom that Mr. Keating inevitably places upon the students.Poetry, passion, comedy and tragedy are combined into one affirmation of independent spirit, individual identity and following your dreams.
Dead Poets Society is about the influence from Mr. Keating on a group of impressionable young men, where traditional learning is the norm; moving on the conveyer belt of traditional schooling. When Keating brings in his subversive method of operation, its academic liberation from then on. He allowed them to see things from another perspective. They discharged themselves from the traditional dictatorial learning routine and generally question conventional thinking. Sure enough, through Keating's lessons we see a radical new teaching method, contrasted by shots of other lessons of such a dull boring manner, and little by little, his pupils spread their wings and conform to their own power. The boys in Keating's class are open to new things; ready to take on anything that is thrown their way. The conservative fifties are coming to an end and the rebellious generation is getting closer.


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