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Dead Poets Society

In the movie Dead Poets Society directed by Peter Weir Dr. Nolan and Mr. Perry blame Neils suicide on Mr. Keatings teaching practices Mr. Keating becomes a scapegoat, the person to blame for the fatal mistake Neil makes. Mr. Keating is an English teacher at Welton Academy, which is an all boys prep school. His teaching methods are much more different from any other teacher. For one lesson he made his students dress in soccer uniforms and read a piece if poetry out loud and then kick a soccer ball as hard as they could. Neil is one of Mr. Keatings students, he loves to act but his father wouldnt allow him to pursue his acting dream because he wants him to become a doctor. Mr. Perry blames Mr. Keating on his teachings that his son shot himself.
One thing that Mr. Keating does positively to influence Neil and his classmates was carpe diem, which means seize the day. Mr. Keating told them this because it means live everyday to the fullest because it may be your last. Neil and his classmates thought that Mr. Keating was crazy because when he told them about carpe diem he made the whole class leave the classroom go into the hallway and look at a showcase and listen to the pictures.
Another thing that Mr. Keating did to influence his students was the dead poets society. When the students were looking at an old yearbook they saw Mr. Keatings picture in there and under his picture said a caption leader of the dead poets society. The students were so curious about what the dead poets society was, that Mr. Keating gave them a book that contained all of the necessary ceremonial procedures to do at the beginning of all the dead poet society meetings.
One last thing that Mr. Keating taught his students was when to be wise. He taught them a famous saying it states that wise know when to be brave and they know when to use caution. Knox Overstreet one of Mr. Keatings students does not listen to these words. He played a prank on Dr. Nolan the…


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