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Dear Nobody

I read "Dear Nobody" by Berlie Dohrety.
This story is about two teenagers who are very much in love with eachother and they are having a normal relationship until they find out about Helen's pregnancy. Her being pregnant really changes everything between them. Helen starts to distance herself from not only Chris, but from school, her family and friends. She starts to write "Dear Nobody" letters and she starts to write in a diary. Her notes and letters are the main content in the book. Helen's mother isn't very supportive of Helen and the baby. Actually the only time she ever talks to Helen is when she is trying to convince her to have an abortion or to give the baby up for adoption. She also forbids Chris to call Helen or to come over to the house to visit her.
Chris is still so much in love with Helen that he can't face the problem (the baby) because he is too concerned about not loosing her. When Helen breaks up with Chris he gets so depressed that he goes off to France on a biking tour. A while after he gets back from France the baby is about to be born and Chris knows this because of all the Dear Nobody letters he has got in the mail. He runs of to the Hospital and finds Helen and his newborn child in her arms.
Chris goes of to the University as he planned but keeps in contact with Helen and the child and he keeps writing letters to his child for her to read when she gets older.
I think that the book is good. It's not the best book I've read, but it is ok.When you're reading it you get this hopeless feeling that it will never work out for them. You become very close to Helen and you feel with her. I think that the book is specially aimed for teenagers. Maybe it could even give guidance for lost teenagers who are expecting a child.It's a typical teenager's book. During the whole time you're reading, you get a feeling that something drast