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Death in the Woods

In his story "Death in the Woods," Sherwood Anderson observes one woman's life and thereby gains a greater appreciation for his own.After reading this story, the theme appears to be that life is a precious gift, which we are given, but too often take for granted.We are put on this earth for a reason, to make a difference in the world and to leave an everlasting impression of the fact that we were here on a mission.We grow from infancy, learning and nurturing, developing into adulthood and making choices. Then just when we think we've discovered the mysteries of life, death ends the cycle.In a cycle of being nurtured and nurturing others, we lose sight of the fact that our life depends on how we live it.
As the story begins, the narrator introduces us to an old woman; one whom everyone sees, but nobody knows or understands."People drive right down a road and never notice an old woman like that" (48).Although she is described as the'old woman' numerous times, she is revered as strong, not as frail as people would associate with those who are aged.Her tenacity is keenly demonstrated as she diligently labors to feed a farm.This is her job, and she does it without complaint.Somehow, she succeeds in making an impossible task happen. Her burden is physically exhausting and yet she never disappoints anyone in the process.
As the story progresses, we learn more of the old woman's life.We learn of the old woman's neglectful and abusive husband and son, who seemingly embody the worst traits in all of us.They both treated the woman with complete disrespect, and yet expected her to continue serving their endless needs.Even after continuous verbal as well as physical abuse, she continued to feed them, as well as every other mouth on their dismal farm.If only they were more selfless and willing to aid her, she would have undoubtedly been able to provide much more fo…


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