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Death of a Salesman

Throughout the play "Death of a Salesman" Arthur Miller portrays the American Dream and how Willy Lowman and his family are trying to achieve it.Willy has been trying to live the American Dream so long that he actually believes he has a chance at succeeding.All the lies he has told throughout his life convinced him that his dream had become a reality.Willy convinced his sons that popularity and personal attractiveness would get them anywhere.He had also convinced his wife, Linda, that he could achieve his goals.
Arthur Miller uses the motif of stealing through Willy and Biff.Willy teaches Biff at a young age that stealing is all right as long as you don't get caught or your well liked.For example, when Biff stole a football from school Willy was upset and told him to return it.However he soon changes his mind and tells Biff: "Caoch'll probably congratulate you on your initiative!" Since Biff is the starting quarterback Willy teaches him that it was all right because he is now popular and well liked by the coach.Because of this Biff begins to believe that it is all right to steal.Later in Biff's life he steals a fountain pen from Bill Oliver because he panicked and did the thing that came natural to him.
The debts all used up motif portrays how material goods become outdated.This also portrays how a person becomes of no more use when someone else comes along that can do the job better.This happened to Willy when he tries to get a job in town and ends up being fired."Howard:I don't want you representing us."This happens everyday throughout the world.There are constantly people who are learning more and becoming better at the different jobs of the future.When they are no longer able to complete the tasks of their job they are simply replaced by someone that can do it better.Just recently Troy Aikman was cut with out any notice after leading the…


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