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Death of a Salesman


In the play, Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, Linda Loman's character is portrayed two different ways. Some people think ofLinda as a "controlling mother figure" who is actually the one to blame for her husband and sons failure in life. Others believe she was an understanding, loving, and caring wife who supported her family in anything they did. In this report I will defend the simple fact that Linda was the main problem by citing examples from the play. Linda was definitely in control throughout the play.
I believe that Linda tried to be a good mother and wife but she did not really know what she was doing. At the very beginning of the book Willy, on his way to Boston, has come home because he was unable to stay on the road. And when he was trying to figure out why, she took his mind off the subject by saying that the problem was with the car's steering and not with him. "Oh. Maybe it's the steering again. I don't think Angelo knows the Studebaker.". Also, "Maybe it's your glasses. You never went for your new glasses.". She does this throughout the play, so Linda keeps Willy from facing the truth about himself. Also Linda gives Willy compliments, agreeing with him on his looks. This causes Willy to build himself up into a great man. Another example of this is when Willy goes to see Howard Wagner about getting a job at home or at least close to home. While us, the reader know how unlikely it is that Willy will get what he wants, Willy does not realize this and Linda, supports W!
illy all the way.
Willy isn't the only one that Linda has had an effect on. There is also Biff and Happy, her sons. Willy had taught Biff and Happy that if you were handsome, and well known the world would come to you. That doesn't have anything to do with Linda but she never challenged what Willy taught them, she just agreed with everything that Willy said. Linda is…

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