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death of a salesman

Dear Dad,
I am writing this to you from an airplane 30,000 miles over the Atlantic Ocean.I'm on my way to London, England to gather some extremely important evidence for the new case that I'm working on.My wife Ellen is jealous because she did not get t come with me, but my client is paying for the entire trip, and I assume he would not relish buying three more tickets for Ellen and the girls.Anyways, I'll be gone for three weeks and the girls could not possibly miss that much school.Cassandra is a very good student, but I don't think that Jennifer enjoys school all that much.I'm torn dad, I don't know whether to push her and make her like it, or to just leave things as they are.What should I do dad?I learned everything I know about being a good parent from you dad.You sure set a great example for me.I'm sure that I was an embarrassment to you growing up because I wasn't the strongest or the best looking or the most popular, but I was determined to make you proud of me, the only way I knew how, by excelling in academics.I think the main reason that I enjoyed school so much was that you never forced me into doing anything.You simply made sure that I was aware of what my priorities needed to be, and then left me on my own.Dad, when I was younger, I always wished that I could win a football game or something for you, but now, looking back, I'm glad that I acted as I did.Hard work in school is the only way to get anywhere in life, and you helped me to see this.I always knew that I could turn to you in any kind of trouble and I still feel the exact same way.You never judged me, only wanted me to work hard at what I was doing.You knew I would succeed in life as you didn't feel that need to bolster me up, full of fake praise.Thank you dad, without you I couldn't have done it.

Love always,

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