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Death of a Salesman (Compare Biff and Bernard)

Different.Different were the two characters, Biff and Bernard, in Arthur Miller's, The American Dream.Each person grew up in a different environment and ended up with completely different life styles.But at the end both knew that they had to work hard to get what they wanted, and nothing is handed to you because you are well liked.
Growing up in a family full of lies Biff Loman did not know what life was really about.As a student in high school he was very well liked and was very popular in school.He was an excellent football player, which eventually gave him scholarships to colleges.Biff did very poor in school and expected his friend Bernard to help him cheat in his math class.But because Bernard did not help him Biff flunked math and couldn't graduate high school.He was raised by a man that believed that being "well liked" by others meant u would get somewhere in life, Biff spent 14 years of his life doing nothing.He went from job to job, stealing, and eventually getting thrown in jail for stealing a suit.Willy Loman, his father, made him believe that because he was a Loman he shouldn't have to answer to anybody.That is one reason why he went through so many jobs.When he was told what to do and had to answer to somebody he quit or did something bad and eventually got fired.
After so many years of endless jobs Biff finally came home again.He realized that he wasn't "dime a dozen" or a "great leader of men" like his father always told him he was.Instead he was a man that had to work hard to get what he wants and not just expect it.
Bernard on the other hand was completely opposite from Biff.Bernard came from a family that was taught "if you work hard enough it pays off".While in high school Bernard was not very popular, and was considered a nerd.He always studied, was smart, but was not very athletic like Biff.He


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