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Death of Salesman

The book Death of a Salesman is all about the American Dream.However, some take the American Dream a little too far, and that's all they want in life.Willy took this a little too far. He had a false sense of importance in the world.When you do that and shut everything else out, you will lose everything, even yourself.The main character in this book does just that.He is a salesman who wants nothing but to be rich and well liked.After trying and trying to do this and never succeeding, he loses everything and even takes his own life.It's just as Willy's son, Biff states at the end:"The man didn't know who he was."(Miller138)
Willy is the main character in the play.He is a crazy man who develops many problems because of his outlook onlife.He let the American Dream take over and basically kill him.He spends all of his life thinking that if you are well liked you will succeed in life and become rich.Success in his mind is being rich and well liked.Even though he thinks that being well liked is so important, he isn't well liked."I know when I walk in.They seem to laugh at me."(Miller36)Over these invalid statements he loses his mind, friends, family, job and his whole life.His way of thinking also carries onto his children.You see this because his two sons turn out to be much like him for the most part.
Biff is Willy's "perfect" son, he is Willy's pride and joy.Willy thinks that Biff will make it in life and be well liked and successful.Biff while in high school accomplished so much and was very successful.He was an all star football player and was the most popular guy in school.He looked up to his Dad and wanted to be just like him up until the night he went to Boston.That was the night that everything in Biffs life ended.After that he flunked math, didn't graduate, and became nothing at all.Willy throughout …


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