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Death of the Salesman

Importance of language and Structural techniques in conveying the significance of Discovery
An important aspect of an individual's growth and development is that person's discoveries. "The death of a Salesman", by Arthur Miller concerns the last days in the life of Willy Loman, a delusional and confused man in his latter part of life. The play explores the nature of discovery in its many forms as objective personal realisations and the understanding of reality. "My father began as a god" by Ian Davis is a poem of an individual's changing perspective of his father from childhood through to adulthood. "Big brother", a diary entry by James Hacker from YES MINISTER is about Hacker's discoveries of the true nature of his department as well as his actions to change the faults. These three texts above-mentioned use a special set of language and structural techniques to administer the importance of discoveries in the maturation and development of a person.
Furthermore, Willy's inability to discover and completely comprehend that he is delusional is an essential aspect of Willy's character that inevitably leads to his death. Through Willy's failure as a consequence of the lack of discoveries made by him the employment of the ingenious structural technique of mobile concurrency renders this importance of epiphanies in the life of Willy. Even in the past, Willy was delusional "I did five hundred gross in Providence and seven hundred gross in Boston" exaggerated Willy to Linda when asked for the success of Willy's sales when in fact Willy only earned seventy dollars and some pennies. These idiosyncrasy of Willy to exaggerate and to possess unimaginable self-pride is also demonstratedssssssssssssssss. Willy was affluent enough to support a family, pay the mortgage and live a suitable life as the responders are led to believe. Willy had a football star for Biff, …


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