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Denial of Rights in 1984

The novel 1984 touches on many disturbing aspects about the denial of a person’s natural rights.As citizens of the United States, we are granted certain rights, which neither the govern-ment nor anyone else can take away.Most nations and governments all over the free world share many of these same rights, which are the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.In Orwell’s novel, the Outer Party, which is the government that the people of Oceania live under, has taken away all their rights, especially their natural rights.The right to life has been taken away because a person’s life must be dedicated to the Party.A person is created and born for the Party, works for the Party, and dies for the Party.An individual;s liberty is taken away as the Party denies the privacy of thought or action.The right of a person pursuing happiness is taken away when all forms of pleasure such as games, sex, and laughter are forbidden.The Outer Party promotes hate and unhappiness among its people, so it may achieve its ongoing drive to maintain POWER.
The Party deprives its citizens of a full happy life.A person does not choose what they do for a living.A person does not choose whom they associate with.The only way anyone be-comes married is determined by the Party so the couple may produce children, so those children will grow up to live for the Party.All the children of Party members grow up learning how to defy and betray everyone on behalf of the Party.When the protagonist Winston, was in the Min-istry of Love he discovers that a co-worker and neighbor of his, a man by the name of Parsons, had been turned in for thought crime by his own daughter.This is a quite disturbing incident be-cause Parsons was proud of his child and happy that he had been sent to the Ministry of Love before he had committed any other thought crime.Parsons is a prime example of a citizen whose entire life was dedicated to the Pa…