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Until I was nine years old, I lived in Covington, Virginia in an old farmhouse.I remember vividly sights, smells, sounds, and feeling of the things in my house.
In the tiny, country style kitchen thefirst things you see are huge sky blue water jugs.They were rough and the plastic was starting to wear away.When you picked them up the plastic would stick your hands.As your eyes wonder across the room the next thing you see, or hear, are the ancient washer and dryer we had.I would always think there was a tornado coming when the washer would turn to the spin cycle.Next you would see the mustard yellow stove top and refrigerator.Then as you look up you see what I called the "Indian" cabinets.They were painted white whit Indian designs on them.Finally when you would glance down at the brown floors, which I once spilled a whole can of molasses on.
After walking through the kitchen, you would enter the bathroom.The bathroom was old and the tub was stained yucky yellow from the well water that filled it.Then as you exit the bathroom you see a door leading to the shed.The smell of wet dog overwhelms you.
Then as you go back through the kitchen you enter the dining room.It has a gigantic table in the middle.Under the table sat an Oriental rug.I would hide under the table on the rug from my sisters.I remember getting rug burn all the time from the thick rough carpet.
As you enter the living room you instantly smell the wintry smell of the fireplace.I would melt crayons on it because it would smell like a grape vineyard.There was a couch, and a recliner in the living room.We also had a television, but no cable. The house smelt like a burning wood stove.


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