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Dial M For Murder

In the movie Dial M for Murder, the director, Alfred Hitchcock explores the planning of the perfect crime from the inside. Right from the beginning the viewer knows who the murderer is and what the motive was. However, the movie still keeps you in suspense. The real mystery of the movie is discovering if the plan actually works and then dreading that it actually might.
The movie takes place in one location – the apartment of a married couple. Tony Wendice, a sports equipment salesman wants to murder his wife, Margot. He found out that not only did she cheat on him with an American crime-novel writer (Mark Halliday), but that she’s been lying to him about it since the affair began. She continues to pretend that she’s still in love with him, when he knows the truth. Furthermore, his life is a mess and he believes that it’s all her fault. She made him give up playing professional tennis so they could have a real marriage. Unfortunately for her, Margot suspects nothing of his knowledge of her affair or the hatred that is inside of him. It takes him a year to figure out how to settle the score. He devises the perfect murder plot. The plan will result in her death and ensures that he gets away with it. He blackmails an old college acquaintance to become the perfect murder weapon ; a surprised burglar. The entire evening is choreographed down to the last detail, except for one thing he overlooks. The will of his wife to live. Margot saves her life by killing the murderer in legitimate defense. Tony then tries to make his wife appear guilty of deliberately killing the murderer with premeditation. He uses the fact that Lesgate (his college acquaintance) could have been blackmailing Margot with her lost love letter for money, so that killing him would be her only way to escape that situation. He achieves it. Because of the existing evidence against her, she is condemned to death. However, Police Inspector Hubbard finally uncovers t…


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