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Diary of Anne Frank

The book, Anne Frank The Diary of a young Girl is written by Anne Frank.The book has so many main characters but the three I picked all had a different part to the story. Thefirst is Anne Frank, she was a 13 year old girl when she started her diary and was almost 16 when she died. She and the rest of her family, her mother, father and sister Margot all lived in the "Secret Annex" before they were caught and taken to camps. Then there is Miep and Elli they helped the Frank and Van Daan families while they lived in the "Secret Annex." They brought food, gifts, provided them with news of what was happening in the city Then there is Adolf Hitler he was the man behind the hatred. He blamed the Jews for all the problems, and described them as aliens and the inferior race in Germany.He started the concentration camps that Jews were sent to and killed at. Altogether he put to death millions of Jews and other races.
In the beginning of the book Anne and her family are still doing their daily tasks; going to school and work. But on July 9, 1942 they went into the "Secret Annex" until then Anne did not know about the plan. She had noticed for a few months that their necessities for life were being sent away. They were going to the "Secret Annex" early so things were not properly set up. Within the next few days the Van Daan family also moved in this now made a total of seven people living in the "Secret Annex".All seven lived in the "Secret Annex" for over two years until August 4, 1944. During those two years in the "Secret Annex" they had to be very careful; they had rules such as no flushing the toilet during the day, they could have no running water of any kind, no talking from 8 am to 6pm, they had to be careful to not remove the curtains from the windows, they had to be careful of the light they used at night, there could be no trash any trash you had had to be …


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