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dicken A christmas carol

If Charles dickens were alive today, and watched his story on the big screen he would be delighted. This movie captures his short novel perfectly.The way Dickens describes the characters are so fine that it would be hard for a director to cast people to play each part. In the film although the actors seem to fall completely into their character's and seems to bring alive the essence of Dickens's vocabulary on screen. The way the director of the film captured old Scrooge was in fact not as accurate as the book would have liked. In the book the man seemed to be a greatly old person with blue lips gleaming red eyes, which is impossible to re-create in black in white, but the age seemed to be the right time frame for the old man.
I think Dickens would marvel at this film, Just the site of his creation in a real life setting would allow him self to see what he was trying to portray from his mind to paper. He could see people's reaction to the book just by the way it was interpreted on screen. The way the miserly Scrooge was made into a white haired tight-lipped angry old man, and how tiny Tim limped emphatically while going through town with his mother. Small descriptions in the book that if not portrayed right form the book would ruin the moment Dickens tried to create with words.
Although others could argue that Dickens would not have liked this film at all. Some could say the acting and even the setting would appall him. The setting of the town did not seem to portray the absolute cold and dreariness that dickens described. He describes the bitterly cold and how the "fog and frost hung about the black old gateway of the house", in the movie, the out-door scenes do not seem as cold with the people not as bundled up as you would have to believe if the weather was so wet and cold. As was stated in class the vernacular of the children and some of the people were not accurate to the period in time The childr…


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