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Differences (The Woman Warrior)

Through out the years, society has portrayed certain individuals to have an effective and positive role in one's upbringing.In Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior, Brave Orchid has had an effective and positive role in her daughter's upbringing.However, at the time it seems she is heartless and full of hate toward her daughter; it is merely nothing but tough love.Deep within herself she knows her daughter will succeed very much in life as she once did.Yet she can not let her know, due to her Chinese upbringing because, "That's what Chinese say.We like to say the opposite" (203). Yet, due to her tough upbringing she is perhaps the most influential role model towards all of her kids, teaching them though Chinese women are only taught to be wives or slaves someday, they tocan be very strong not only emotionally and physically, but also intellectually and successfully, just like Brave Orchid once was.
Brave Orchid and Little Dog never see eye to eye, never agreeing with each other's differences and different cultures, one raised with Chinese cultures and values the other is very much accustomed to her new American values, and traditions.Little Dog, is rose as a Chinese-American, trying to see life from both perspectives, never understanding the reason why her Mother does certain things, or raises her children differently than others.Unlike her Mother Brave Orchid, who lives her life accustomed to her values and Chinese traditions, never understanding her daughter's rude behavior, and impoliteness towards adults, and not understanding her strange American behavior.Thus, is why Mother & Daughter never agree, and always clash, yet, many of there indifference's are causes due to the lack of information Little Dog is taught by her Mother about her Chinese culture.
However, though there was a lot of tension and hostility between the two through out the story; Brave Orchid…


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