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Different Laws

Antigony vs. Sarty
Through the spans of time and all throughout the world there have been people making the decision to do what they believe is right, knowing it has its repercussions. As I read the two pieces of literature assigned I can see a similarity in the two main characters, Antigony from the play Antigony, and Sarty for the story Barn Burning. Both characters have to make a decision and accept the consequences that follow, but it is the difference in the way that the authors illustrate how the charters go about making that decision that I find intriguing.
The two pieces of work, Antigony and Barn Burning, tell us that the main characters feel that they have to do something they believe in, in order to feel a since of peace within. In Antigony, Antigony's brothers are killed and one is buried, but the other is forbidden to be touched, or for anyone to mourn for him. Antigony does not believe that it is fair that her brother cannot have a proper burial, so that his soul cannot descend into the afterlife. The decision that Antigony has to make is whether or not to bury her brother.Much like Antigony, Sarty has a decision to make. Sarty's father is a barnburner and is going to burn down a barn without warning the owner. Sarty has to decide whether he should go and tell the barn owner, or to keep his mouth shut and stand by his family. In both works the decision is to stick with your blood, or to portray your blood. This is where the differences in the two stories come into play. Antigony decides to stick with her blood and bury h!
er brother so that his soul can descend into the afterlife. Sarty, however, decides to go against his blood and tell the barn owner that his father is going to burn down his barn. They say "Blood is thicker than water," but should Sarty does not stand by his blood when he feels that his father is doing something wrong?Antigony believes that she has the obligation to stick wit…


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