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Digital Video vs Film

What do you do, when you are a budding filmmaker and you finally get the film you simply have to make, but your wallet simply cannot afford the expense? Filmmaking has, up until now, forever been a luxury for the rich or those in the business. With the advent of portable consumer video cameras in the early 1960s, many a budding filmmaker was hit with a new tool that they could build their dreams upon. But it didn’t always end up like that.
You get your camera home, you set it up, you get tapes, you get spare batteries and you are ready to start shooting. You finish your shoot, much to the pleasure of all involved, and you are left with tapes of footage all mixed and jumbled around into no real discernable order. How do you go about editing it? You don’t, unless, like before, you have a lot of money or you are in the business.
So the home consumer was stuck with hours and hours of footage, but nothing to edit it down, for the gear simply cost too much; at times double the initial cost of the camera. The early 1990s saw the advent of digital cameras. Doors suddenly opened and the world was greeted with seemingly endless boundaries (in fact you are only bound by the available storage space you have).
Digital filmmaking has evolved to a level where now, with a PC and a camera, you can be come the world’s next Steven Spielberg or if you prefer, Quentin Tarantino. Sure, everyone wants to shoot on 35mm, but not everyone has the millions of dollars for the equipment (the film itself costs more than the average 35mm camera). This is why digital video (DV) has become such an appealing option. It’s a format that looks great on it’s own, looks great with effects and even looks good when blown up to imitate real 35mm film.
Before we get too carried away, you can’t just pick up a DV camera and expect the result to be a newGodfather? orBraveheart?; you do need a great idea. Many films have actually garnered more success and critical


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