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Dinner with Freinds

Dinner with Friends

In the play Dinner with Friends, the main conflict was between Beth and Tom.

This is revealed in thefirst scene while having dinner at Karin and Gabe’s house. Beth

cries out about Tomnot loving her anymore and wanting to divorce her. She confides

in Karin and Gabe which leads to the secondary conflict. The secondary conflict is

Karin and Gabe now having to figure out how to deal with their friends and now their

own marital problems now that it has been brought to a front.

The complications in this story reveal that life is short andonce you are married

it starts comming to an end. This is shown in the scene betweeen Karin and Gabe when

they are lying together in bed and Karinshares her nightmare wit Gabe. They then

realize that the spice in their marraige is no longer when he tries to frighten her theway

he used to when theyfirst married by saying boo and she isn’t frightened at all. You

alsono longer are able to live a carefree enjoyable life in that all you live for is your

kids and for them to have an enjoyable life. This is shown by both Beth and Tom when

they were defending their case to Karin and Gabe. In my opinion it also goes to say that

all good things come to and end, such as life and marraige which all start out great then

start to fade.

Fora basic review of the actors and the acting in this play, I would say that it

was superb. The actors were very on point and every actor nailed their character and

portrayed them very well. The four main characters in this story were Karin and Gabe,

and Beth and Tom.Beth and Tom was the couple going through the divorce. Tom

playedan angry, upset , and also flirtatious lawyer. Beth played a sad, lonely, artistic

house wife. My favorite characters were Karin and Gabe. Karin and Gabe were

supposedly a happy couple, they were very verbose on the subject o…