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Since Agamemnon refused to return the daughter of a priest of Apollo, Agamemnon agrees to release Helen only if Achilles gives him his prize of honor. This is When Achilles found it unfair and withdraws from the battle including all his soldiers. Achilles then asks the gods to grant him revenge. Agamemnon the had attacked because a dream had encouraged him to. Paris flees the battle with the help of a divinity and Menelaus rages on with his brother demanding the release Of Helen.

As the battle continues, Dimmest makes a heroic stand and kills many Trojan, bringing his Time’, Kudos and Retreat’ up high. The term Time means the reputation among the prince/gods, Kudos is glory and Retreat’ excellence meaning, doing more than a man can do. It all started when Pompadours had shot an arrow through Dimmest’ shoulder, but Dimmest tells Stephenson to pull out the arrow and he did. After this happened, Dimmest had prayed to Athena asking her for help, here is where Dimmest is getting Kudos.

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Athena had decided to help Dimmed just like she helped his father and she also heals him. Now not only did she heal him hut she also gave Dimmest the power to see gods while he was in the battle only it he fights no other god but Aphrodite. Dimmest receives Kudos when Amnesias tells Ponderosa that Dimmest may be a god. When Dimmest rejects Stephenson advice to retreat, so instead he stands, he receives more Kudos.

Dimmest now adds Time with the gods when he threw a pear at Panders with Ethane’s help and kills him, when Amnesias comes by to help his reined, Dimmest picks up a large stone and kills him by smashing the large stone on Amnesias hip. More Time was added when he followed Aphrodite and then wounded her on her wrist and then shouted out to her “Away from the battle, you daughter of Zeus! Isn’t it enough that you beguile weak women? But is you will visit the battle field, think after this is a battle will make shiver if you hear only echoes in the distance! After this, Aphrodite tells Ares about Dimmest as she asked him for his horses o go home. When Aphrodite reached Olympus, she goes crying to her mother with all this drama and tells her about.


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