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Dirt Music Analysis

"Writers often use the physical landscape of a text as being an integral part of the emotional landscape of the characters."
Discuss how this is done with reference to one novel you have read.
The conventional use of setting by writers of prose fiction is a key element which helps to create an environment which reflects the feelings of the characters. As characters experience different emotions the landscape often changes to parallel these feelings and emotions. Tim Winton has certainly used setting to a great extent throughout his novel Dirt Music. Also another author Hungerford has used setting in his short story'The Only One Who Forgot'. Throughout both the novel Dirt Music and the short story'The Only One Who Forgot' the landscape has been created to enhance the emotional landscape of the characters within.
Even from the opening pages of his novel Tim Winton describes the physical landscape in great detail. Georgie Jutland is alone by herself in the very early hours of the morning'pointlessly loitering in cyberspace' while her husband and two sons are fast asleep. While Georgie is using her computer the surrounding environment is silent. Georgie is thinking'it is nice to be without a body'. She then goes on to think'the internet was an infinite sequence of opening portals, of menus and painless encounters, where what passed for life was a listless kind of browsing'.This scene with Georgie all alone at night'eating time' by browsing the internet suggests she is unhappy with her current situation. She seems unhappy with her life at the moment and is searching for some meaning. Again some clear evidence suggests the setting in a prose fictional text is an important part of characterization.
Hungerford has also used setting to create an environment which mirrors characters emotional feelings. In the short story'The Only One Who Forgot&ap


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