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During a 43-year Hollywood career, which spanned the development of the motion picture medium as a modern American art, Walter Elias Disney was a pioneer and innovator, and the possessor of one of the most fertile imaginations the world has ever known.His creations set forth a foundation in the realm of animated entertainment through the use of modern applications and ingenious techniques.
As an ambitious animator, Walt Disney began his career making animated commercials for the Kansas City Film Ad Company in 1919, in which they were previewed at local theatres (Jackson 6).Years later, he then moved on to opening his own animation firm producing Laugh-o-Grams.These animated shorts allowed him to begin experimenting with cartoon animation and eventually involving live action into his project.Thefirst of this type of production was a combination of cartoon and live action reel called ALICE 'S WONDERLAND, which is Disney 'sfirst attempt using "special effects".He integrated his funny cartoon characters with the actions of a live girl (played by Virginia Davis) filmed against a white backdrop (Thomas 37).Disney produced a series of 56 Alice shorts before his firm financially collapsed.In an attempt to recover from his misfortune, Disney moved to Los Angeles, California where he conceived a concept that would later become the icon of his legacy, a cartoon character named Mickey Mouse.
Walt Disney was inspired to create a new cartoon character with a personality that was different and more likeable than any other cartoon character ever made.In explaining Mickey's appeal, Disney observed, "Mickey is so simple and uncomplicated, so easy to understand, that you can't help liking him"(Jackson 77).In an attempt to master the progressive sound technology, Disney embarked on a Mickey Mouse "talkie."On his third appearance, Mickey starred in STEAMBOAT WILLIE (1928) w


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