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Dissecting Beckham

The movie we are going to dissect is Bend it Like Beckham.There are a plethora of things going in the movie, as far cultural criticism goes.In this paper I would like to talk about a few of those. Access to education, access to wealth, access to knowledge, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. I want to begin by giving you the general outline of the movie.The movie takes place in Europe; the main characters are Jess and Jewls.Jess is a young India woman who adores the game of futbol, what we in America call soccer. The only problem with that is that her family believes in tradition and expects their children to do the same.On the other hand you have Jewls whose parents or should I say a parent who supports her very much.
In this movie you have your typical older sister who is "lady like," chases the boys and wants to get married. Then on the other hand you have Jess who is the tom boyish younger sister who loves to play her sport. This is where I like to touch basis on the gender and sexual orientation
issues. Jess and Jewls become real good friends and along the lines somewhere, there is this misconception that they are in someway attracted to one another. But, this is hardly the case. Jewl's mother is going through a lot of heartache throughout the movie because she believes that Jewls is a lesbian and that her and Jess are dating.So this is the reason why Jewls mom isn't so supportive of Jewl's decision to play soccer. The situation with Jess is that her family believes that a woman should be home cooking and cleaning, and making sure that the family is taking care of. Not out playing some sport that is made for men. There's a point in the movie where Jess and her coach becomes very fond of one another.Jess tells her friend about this and he tells her "Jess you can't control who you love you know?" And then makes the notion to tell h


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