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Distinction: Truths or Beliefs

Is there a distinction between the truth and a belief? How can you know something as a truth without believing it? Can you know something without being told? When an idea is pressed over and over again, and there is a strong basis for the idea, it easily becomes known. Once an idea is known it transfers into a belief and then truth.
Truth may be derived from believing. If you are told one thing many times your mind will start to believe it. For example; if a person is told they are over weight numerous times there is a large probability that they will begin to believe it. Once you are aware of something you can't avoid it. Your mind will remind you constantly of this awareness, and the more you see it the more you will believe it. That believing then transforms into a truth.
Society plays an enormous roles in this. Society tells us many many lies that become truths. We were told that women were of lesser value than men. Obviously this is not true, but it was said enough that it was believed as a fact. Through time that opinion was changed. People started telling us women and men were equal. In the beginning society didn't go for it, however when told this repeatedly over time it became known as a fact.
History is another example of being told what truth is. Nobody can know for sure how man came to be. The Bible tells us that man was put on earth by God. This was a "known fact" for most of early manhood. After scientific findings it was stated that man evolved from ape. This was preposterous whenfirst brought to attention. After much research and supporting evidence the idea was stressed more and more. The Theory of Evolution then became accepted by most as a truth.
There has to be to be a certain amount of evidence and logic in order for something to "become true". People do not want to believe something when there is a possibility of being let down. No matter how many times a person was tol…


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