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This book is written in the perspective of a teenagers life. The writers name is Luke
Carver and he is seventeen years old. Luke starts the story off by writing "Man, is this lame
or what? A seventeen year old guy writing a journal." (pg3) Luke then starts explaining how
he was supposed to be writing in his journal over Christmas vacation but he procrastinated
as usual. It's now the day before school starts and he only has half a page written. Luke
starts writing about his girlfriend Megan and how beautiful she is. Then he goes into
explaining how the tri-meet is coming up this Saturday. It takes Luke awhile to get used to
the idea of writing a journal but when he does it starts getting interesting.
Luke tells about one time that he and his friend Hutch went to top-o-the-world(this is
like a lookout spot where you can see for miles). When they got up there Hutch says, "It'd
be pretty cool to climb down there huh?" (pg. 49) Luke then said, "Wanna do it?" (pg. 50)
Hutch then mentioned that Luke's mom kind of made him promise to look out for him. After
Luke heard that he got angry and their was no talking him out of climbing down. When they
were both done climbing down hutch walked the path to the top and Luke climbed the way
One night Hutch spent the night at Luke's and they were sitting watching television
and talking. As they were talking Luke asked Hutch if he wanted to visit Lenny, party, and
find some girls. They got to Lenny's but he said he couldn't go to the party because he had a
ten-page paper that was due the next day. So they left and went to the party. After awhile of
standing around someone yelled out, "Hey, I haven't seen you around before." This person
introduced herself as Sherry Keeler and introduced her friend Kate Samuels to Hutch. The
only one not drinking was Luke because he had to drive h


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